Ohloh Summary

flooBB is an easy to use bulletin board system which does not rely on an external database (i.e. it uses a flat file database). It simply uses text files to store the data and is optimized for speed. It incorporates TinyMCE to provide a WYSIWYG method of entering posts into the system.

flooBB supports many features including multiple forums, polls, private messages, topic moderation and stickying.

flooBB is Free Software (Open Source) and is available under the terms of the GNU GPLv3+.

For users, visit Downloads to download the latest release. The release contains README and INSTALL files to get it up and running quickly. It requires a web server (Apache, lighttpd, nginx, etc.), PHP 5.2+ and PHP GD (see the README for more information).

For developers, the code can easily be cloned using Git. It is also easy to fork on GitHub. Contributions can then be made by sending patches or pull requests (preferred) either via the the mailing list, the ticketing system, the forum or GitHub.

Developers can use the following command to clone the git tree:
git clone git://github.com/rosslagerwall/floobb.git

Mailing List

Any comments, queries, discussion, patches, pull requests, etc., can be done via the mailing lists.


The forum can be used instead of the mailing lists if desired.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs can be reported via the ticketing system. Please follow good bug reporting guidelines ensuring that the full details of the platform are described as well as easily performed steps to reproduce the bug. Feature requests can also be sent via the ticketing system.


Move to GitHub
Written on 6 February 2012

The project's canonical repository is now hosted on GitHub. The move was done simply because of the better code-hosting facilities. The remainder of the project (downloads, issues, etc.) is still hosted on SourceForge.
Version 1.2.0
Released on 8 July 2011
  • improve documentation
  • change to major, minor, micro version system
Version 1.2
Released on 30 June 2011
  • add standard Free Software files
  • add TinyMCE license
Version 1.1
Released on 12 June 2011
  • remove extra blank line in "forumOnlineUsers.dat" causing invalid forum statistics
  • create missing "db/PMs" directory during install
Version 1.0
Released on 12 June 2011
New features, enhancements:
  • use the GNU GPLv3
  • fix permissions (and include reminder during install)
  • use standardized file names
Version 0.9
Released on 13 April 2011
Initial release


install page install page forum page editing a post a topic registering a poll


Apart from the website, forum and mailing list, the project can be followed on freshmeat and ohloh.